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To refuse or not to refuse? That is the question in DUI stops

Because of viral YouTube videos and extensive discussion threads on the Internet, the debate over whether or not to submit to a breath test during a traffic stop has continued to spark national interest. It seems like everyone, from Minnesotans to residents in other states, has an opinion on the issue. Yet, because laws differ from state to state, it's still impossible to answer the lingering question: do you refuse or accept an officer's request to take a breath test?

How special license plates can hurt DUI offenders

Most people are familiar with "The Scarlet Letter" and the themes that the story entails. Well, one of the themes from this story has been applied in the real world when it comes to drunk drivers. The idea from "The Scarlet Letter" is that by marking a person with a red "A," it will shame them for their transgressions.

Financially speaking, what is the toll of a DUI on the offender?

There are already many, many different consequences that someone who is accused of driving under the influence must face. There's the possibility of jail time; the definite loss of license; the possibility of ignition interlock, or special license plates that signify a DUI offender; and plenty of other potential consequences. All of these consequences have a certain financial element too them -- but there are also outright financial penalties for a DUI offender.

A breath test for marijuana? It's right around the corner

Driving under the influence is an all-encompassing term that doesn't just refer to drunk driving. Drugged driving is also a major safety concern. Drugged driving can happen in a variety of ways, with one of the most common forms being driving under the influence of marijuana. However, prescription medications can also contribute to a drugged driving charge, as could any other illicit drug or substance.

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