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Posts tagged "fines"

Holiday season yields more DWI arrests, police claim

According to Minnesota authorities, the holiday season can result in a high number of arrests for drunk driving. Based on this information, police intend to keep an extra close eye on motorists through the end of this year. However, it's unclear whether more DWI arrests are made during the holidays because there are more drunk drivers on the road, or because police are simply watching more closely.

Minnesota woman appeals drunk driving penalty citing necessity

Anyone who is familiar with Minnesota's drunk driving laws knows that they include a wide range of legal consequences. Beyond potential fines and time behind bars, those who are convicted for driving under the influence of alcohol automatically lose their driver's license for at least 90 days. As the nature of DUI charges change, the period for license revocation may be extended.

Wisconsin man acquitted in drunk driving case

The consequences for a drunk driving conviction can be pretty severe in Minnesota, including fines, a revoked driver's license and even jail time. In many cases, however, the evidence in drunk driving cases is not actually that strong. Breath test results are frequently skewed and police observations are not always sound. 

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